Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Static Pages and Blogger

I've come across several forums regarding how to create static pages in Blogger. Using my own domain name and Google as my hosting provider, I have come up with yet another solution. Check out my article on how to Create Static Pages in Blogger.


kajdo said...

hi, i also spent some time to do a static about me page on my blogspot site … here is the result … look at - the how-to is not finished yet, but i will clean up the code and probably make a widget for this purpose …

i think there are many advantages to use the “static page way” i do … try it and if you have any ideas - or other comments -> let me know

have fun

James Mortensen said...

Hi Kajdo,

Your article is great! It's a way better solution than what I did because it doesn't require another server. Additionally, the changes are relatively minor and are a great way to begin learning Google's XML-based templating language.

Sorry it took so long to moderate your comment. I thought you were a spammer because of the 3 x's in the url. You might want to consider changing that to something a little less suspicious, both on your website and in your tutorial.


Cedar Chests said...

Oh this is a wonderful idea!! Thank You so much!!