Friday, April 13, 2007

The Battle between Tangible, Functional, and Practical

I remember my parents' huge record collection from when I was a kid. They kept them in a lockable wooden chest. This record repository had a cushion on top of it so it doubled as a bench seat. It was heavy, and it probably cost quite a bit of money.

Today, I have friends who sell their CDs to pawn shops or other resellers whenever they are tight on cash. Although I have a CD collection, I sometimes wonder why. Even though CDs are but a fraction of the size of a 33" vinyl record, they still are something I have to constantly sidestep in my tiny apartment.

It is strange. Audrey is right. People are attracted to the idea of holding onto what is physical and tangible, even when its digital equivalent is also a functional equivalent. Maybe one day I'll get tired of sidestepping my CD's, and they will end up sitting in the local pawn shop. That is, unless I see a nice cedar chest specifically designed for compact discs.


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